Beaver Lennon was born in 1988 in Adelaide and has lived most of his life in Ceduna on the Westcoast of South Australia. He comes from a Mirning and Antikirinjara family of well-respected artists and writers who has greatly influenced his work, Beaver’s grandmother Verna Lawrie, his late mother Bernadette Lennon-Lawrie, and his late grandfather Stanley Lennon all contributed to his artistic vision. Beaver’s earlier work was inspired by his grandmother’s Dreaming stories of the Bunda Cliffs along the Great Australian Bight in South Australia, though his practice now is heavily influenced by his grandfather’s Dreaming of Malu Tjuta (many kangaroos).

Since 2005, and as a realist painter, Beaver’s unique landscapes capture the distinctive open skies, vast expanses of Country and ocean with an extraordinary degree of depth. Often the dynamic swell of the ocean, waves or the intense silence and peace of a landscape is captured. The temporal aspects of Country and ocean are also captured in Beaver’s works as he favors the effects of early morning or late afternoon light. He skillfully captures romantic skies, rolling clouds or waves in dynamic palettes of colour recorded in his extraordinary memories of place. Beaver maps out his visions on canvas through his deep connection to the country.

Through his participation in numerous workshops with visiting artists, Beaver consistently builds his ability to express himself through different artistic and technical skills which he has meticulously acquired over many years. Gaining considerable recognition for his paintings, he is also an emerging experimental artist that embraces a variety of new artistic materials and media. Beaver has been selected for several prestigious awards and exhibitions, but his main ambition remains a desire to entice viewers to step into his unique perspectives and worlds.