Kelly Taylor is a Aboriginal artists and qualifed Graphic designer who belongs to the Kokatha/Yankunytjatjara people. she has been painting for 29 years and was taught by grandmother Millie Taylor when i was a little girl how to paint traditional paintings, she showed me how to mic colours, where to place certain symbols and shared many stories along the way until her passing. My latest painting represents 'My Grandmothers Country'which is where my grandmother spent her growing up years this place was called 'Wantjabella' this is where we lived and where she took us out hunting for bush foods, painting on canvas/artefacts and sharing stories by the camp fire'. Kelly is custodian to her grandmother's stories as well as her own, her traditional journey started when she was 11 years old while living in Alice Springs with her grandmothers Millie Taylor (Nee Lennon). Today Kelly continues to paint and share traditional stories through her website and teach young people and her daughter's how to paint, vector art and reconnect with culture.


2019 - Tarnanthi Art Fair, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

1994 - Arts and Craft Centre in Indulkana

1995 - Araluen Art Gallery in Alice Springs NT

1999 - Tandanya in Adelaide

2004 - Australian Studio in Adelaide

2005 - Australian Studio in Adelaide

2005, 2015 to 2018 - The Arts and Culture Centre in Ceduna

2010 - Tandanya Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fair on the 23rd & 24th Oct

2011 - Red Poles Gallery on the 7th November and on the 2nd January


  • painting tiles workshop, at Ngura Yadurirn Children and Family Centre, 2015