Layne Beaumont

Layne Beaumont was born in Ceduna on the Westcoast of South Australia in 1998. Living in Ceduna, Layne is one of the artists who regularly paints at the Arts Ceduna, the local arts centre, where she engages with her Gugada/Kokatha Elders and their stories. Her artistic mentor is her mother, and under the guidance of a strong community of artists at the art centre, Layne accomplished a strong artistic style in a relevantly short period of time. She is a keen learner who participates in a wide variety of arts workshops to widen her skills set, from painting, pottery, weaving and stencil art. Her key mediums and techniques are acrylic on canvas painting, raffia and wool weaving. She uses free hand brush strokes and other methods of layering to create depth in her paintings. Her tools are varied, including skewers, brushes, sponges and other found objects. Layne is encouraged by the clientele of Arts Ceduna who notices her unique style and vibrant sense of colour. In a relevantly short period of time she managed to sell many of her works to satisfied customers. Her passion for painting is able to grow at Arts Ceduna she explains, ‘because I can see how others have done, and it is interesting to see the end results, what the artists are revealing about themselves and their stories’. Layne is inspired by her surroundings, the environment and Country where she lives. 



  • 2019-2021, Ceduna, SA Arts Ceduna Gallery
  • 2021, June Port Augusta, SA Malka Arts Exhibition