It has been an exciting year at Ceduna Arts with several exhibitions, workshops and exchanges.

June 2017 saw the appointment of Serena Gunter as the new Arts Ceduna centre manager with the aim to foster Art in the Far West Coast. Serena, has a keen eye for marketing and has taken on the role of leading her diverse team really well. Both Serena’s parents contributed significantly to the wellbeing of Aboriginal people in the Far West Coast of South Australia through Aboriginal health, and language and culture interpreting. Serena is part of CACs mentorship program providing further support and training in areas of management, financial reporting and networking.

Arts Ceduna was involved in the following events:
● Pottery workshops
● Lino printing workshops
● Basket weaving workshop
● Picture framing workshop
● Mural workshop
● Light painting
● Marine Debris workshop
● Felting Workshop
● International artist held card board printing

Staff Training and Development
● SAM Training
● Welding workshop
● First Aid course
● Computing course
● Uni SA Indigenous participation pathway program
● Two staff Development Grants

Artist professional development:
Sherrie Jones, Outreach Art Worker of Koonibba has been involved in numerous workshops, projects, exhibition developing her skills in the art industry. Sherrie’s involved in the ArtEdges of the World project during October 2016, where she meets award winning and accomplished SA Aboriginal artist Amanda Radomi.

Pottery workshop with Jacqui and Ceduna artists:
Germany-based ceramic artist Jacqui Jansen Van Vuuren hosted a pottery workshop at Arts Ceduna during September 2016. Eleven artists attended the workshop from across the region. The workshop focussed on rolling and tile making techniques. This project was generously supported by Jacqui Jansen van Vuuren.

Catch and cook:
Arts Ceduna hosted a Catch and Cook day during September 2016 for visiting chefs participating in this ‘Straight to the Source’ initiative led by Tawnya Bahr. Kenny Smith enticed the visiting chefs with his magnificent skills in Aboriginal cooking, having wombat and kangaroo tails on the menu. Sue Haseldine demonstrated her approach to bush foods and cooking sleepy lizard. Quangdong jam and chutney was made by Kristen Bobyk and the Jen Gravestocks, in partnership with students from the Ceduna Area School and Bernadette’s Café, delivered delicious quangdong tart.

Artists from the Edges of the World:
This international visual art collaboration between 46 creatives (Artists and researchers) from Finland and Australia, including Ceduna was developed and implemented over a 12 month period, culminating in the seven days project held at Fowlers Bay in October 2016.

The creative, cultural and artistic exchange included:
o Exchange of cultural knowledge between groups, individuals, the elders and youth
o Sharing of design, craft, skill and material knowledge
o A collaborative work/installation in the five-day exchange
o Research into creative exchange in arts practice and between cultures
o Strong Participation
o Shared interdisciplinary art making
o A community of woman from the edges of the world practising and connecting through artmaking by Weaving, Felting and Sand drawing, Loom weaving, Creating Mandala Life stories with Acrylic on Old Dutch Linen and with Inma and storytelling.

Our Mob 2016:
Eight artists from Ceduna participated in Our Mob exhibition showing twelve works at Artspace Gallery in Adelaide, South Australia. Artists Josephine Lennon and Ashley Pompey won the Don Dunston ($5 000) and Country Arts SA ($1 500) arts development awards.. Six artists visited the exhibition opening and visited several art galleries during their stay in Adelaide which was generously funded by Far West Native Title and Arts Ceduna.

Artist participated in Exhibition:
Four artists participated in the Port Lincoln Art Prize at the Nautilus Arts Centre early this year. Artist (kunmanara) Pungkai Bertani was awarded runner up with his two-piece artwork title: Tali Tjuta – Many Sand Hills . Five artists were involved in the Malka Art Prize at the Port Augusta Cultural Centre –Yarta Purtli. Artist Christine Tschuna won first prize in the Malka Art Prize.

WAI Project:
This multi-phase project with master artists David Wilson (new media) and Tristan Kerr (Typography, visual arts) seeks to render the voices of Indigenous artists, displaying their artistic work, personal and group narratives that underpin their identity through the creation of a typography mural and short film.

The second phase facilitated by Pam Diment, has involved creating a 3m, 58 tile ceramic wheel comprising which will become an interactive learning tool for Ngura Yadurirn Children and Family Centre in Ceduna being installed in early 2018. The wheel includes a watering hold, bush tucker, native animals and flora and fauna.

This project has been generously supported by the Indigenous Languages and Arts Fund.

Artist produce works for permanent collection:
Ceduna artist Verna Lawrie and Christine Tschuna were selected by the South Australian Maritime Museum (SAMM) to produce a number of ‘Whale artworks’. One artwork from each artist was purchased for the permanent collection of SAMM.

Pottery workshop with Pam Diment and Ceduna/Koonibba artists:
Local artist and potter Pam Diment facilitated a pottery workshop and taught skills and techniques inpinch pots, slab building, coil building, slums moulds, using moulds, decorative techniques, relief work, pack the kiln, glazing and firing the ceramics. Seven Aboriginal artists from both Ceduna and Koonibba were involved, with the completed ceramics sold in the gallery and at Tarnanthi Art Festival.

Marine Debris Project:
Twelve artists and volunteers created an impressive 4 x 4 meter blue swimmer crab titled ‘Guldamara’ with facilitators Sue Ryan and Karen Hethey during the second Marine Debris workshop. Guldamara’s frame was created from wire and bamboo, followed by layers of marine debris materials and fibres that were handstitched onto the frame. Natural Resources Alinytjara Wilurara, Ghostnets Art Project and Country Arts SA partnered with Arts Ceduna in the creation of
this artifact that was completed in twenty working days. This project was generously supported by Country Arts SA, Natural Resources Alinytljara Wiluṟara and Ghostnets Project.

Jero’s residency at Arts Ceduna:
An artist residency with Petrus Jero Amuthenu from Namibia and Yalata artist Warren Paul were hosted at Ceduna from 24 – 29 April 2017. This meaningful experience saw two Indigenous artists from two continents sharing their masterly skills in a studio environment. The activity and sharing was so contagious that seven artists worked side-by- side at Arts Ceduna for the duration of the residency, including Sherrie Jones, Collette Gray, Beaver Lennon, Jenny Gray and Pam Diment

Art is a strong medium for facilitating connections between people and their cultures. The level of cross-cultural sharing was deep and meaningful to all participants. This project saw friendships taking shape, while the Arts Ceduna community appreciated the high level of skill the visiting artist, Petrus Amuthenu, demonstrated and shared freely and genuinely. It was the first time an indigenous African artist has visited Arts Ceduna as an international residence artist and this experience, to culturally and skills wise share with other Indigenous people, was appreciated by the Arts Ceduna community.
The artist residency model works very well for the Arts Ceduna community and should be continued, perhaps to include the partner communities of Arts Ceduna such as Koonibba, Yalata and Oak Valley.

The isolation many Far West SA artists experience can be alleviated through projects like these (artist residencies).


Serena Gunter / Art Centre Manager