It has been an exciting year at Arts Ceduna with several exhibitions, workshops, events and exchanges. Serena, has a keen eye for marketing and has taken on the role of leading her diverse team really well. Both Serena’s parents contributed significantly to the wellbeing of Aboriginal people in the Far West Coast of South Australia through Aboriginal health, and language and culture interpreting. Serena is part of CACs mentorship program providing further support and training in areas of management, financial reporting and networking.I would like to take the time to thank my wonderful team of staff, from Serena Gunter, Managing since June 2017. Employees include Jaime Newchurch (Administration), Collette Gray, Yana Tschuna, Beaver Lennon (Arts Workers) and Lee Yukyoung (Website-Graphic Designer) and Sherrie Jones (Outreach Arts officer) who tends to support facilitator Pam Diment to roll out workshops in the remote communities. Congratulations towards our hard efforts over the past twelve months supporting the artists in our region.


Arts Ceduna was involved in the following events:

  • Phase two ‘Wai Project’ completing large Ceramic Installations
  • ‘Finding my Art’ Male Workshop
  • ‘Adelaide meets the Bush’ Exhibition @ Tandanya by AMB
  • Art stand at Tunarama festival in Port Lincoln
  • ‘South Central – Stories from Desert to Coast’ @Redpoles Gallery curated by Ku-Arts
  • Pottery workshops
  • Lino printing workshop
  • Multiply Basket weaving & Jewellery workshops
  • Picture framing workshop
  • ‘City Lights to the Country Night sky’ Collarbotive exhibition with Ceduna Artists Sherrie Jones & Amanda Radomi mentorship
  • Stencil Workshops/photography with idreaming David Wilson
  • Artists in the Black- Arts Law delivered Artists Legal Wills, agreements, copyright, Intellectual Property
  • Studio Workshop (Mixing Colours), Animations, Sculptures, Photography funded by Ku-Arts
  • Portrait workshop in Adelaide
  • Cultural days (cooking Bush tucker/making bush medicine and Punu (Artefacts) making

Staff Training and Development

  • SAM Training (Alice Springs)
  • Computing course (TAFE SA)
  • Website, marketing, social media training
  • Customer Service
  • Finance training
  • Curating
  • Photography/filming
  • Multiple Welding Training (Tafe SA)
  • Staff undergoes mentorship workshop with qualified welder
  • Customer Service, Digital Coach, social media online marketing (Two Juwan secondee from October 2017 to May 2018.
  • Management mentorships
  • UniSA Indigenous participation pathway program (completion)
  • Outreach Staff/artist mentorship for future workshops to Facilitate to other communities (Yalata, Koonibba, Scotdesco, Oak Valley)
  • Three grant opportunities funded by Country Arts SA. Two artists securing development or mentorship by two Adelaide based artists Gavin Wanganeen and Amanda Radomi. Funded through ‘Country Arts SA’.
  • ‘Wai Project’ Phase 1 & 2 secured through Indigenous Languages and Arts grants (ILA) over two-year period began in 2016 to June 2018.

Artist professional development:

Artist Ashley Pompey won the ‘Country Arts SA Development Award’, Our Mob Exhibition held at Adelaide Festival Centre in 2016. In October 2017, Ashley meet artist Gavin Wanganeen at the three-day art fair Tarnanthi held out Tandanya in Adelaide. Ashley Pompey decided to invite and connect with Adelaide artist Gavin Wanganeen towards his ‘Country Arts SA Development Award’ to deliver a ‘Finding my Art (Male) workshops’ in February Ceduna. Both artists spend a day preparing for the workshop and delivered a fantastic workshop on the second day to four male Artists encouraging, teaching and sharing to inspire towards Visual arts like both Gavin Wanganeen and Ashley Pompey have. ‘This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

Sherrie Jones, Outreach Art Worker of Koonibba has been involved in numerous workshops, projects, exhibition developing her skills in the art industry. Sherrie was involved in the ArtEdges of the World project during October 2016, where she met award winning and accomplished SA Aboriginal artist Amanda Radomi. Both artists received invite to Artist residency in Finland at the Helina Rautavaara Museum last year September 2017. The two artists were successful applying for grant through ‘Country Arts SA’ to collaboratively work together Amanda Radomi mentoring Sherrie Jones with the following different art making methods including different weaving and painting techniques. They exhibited their beautiful artworks in May at Ceduna Moral Hall over a week both artists run open workshops to the public showcasing ‘weaving styles’ and ‘jewellery making out of Raffia’ was a favourite.

Wai Project –Phase Two Ceramic Installations:

The second phase Wai Project includes mentor/artist Pam Diment facilitating the ceramic installation with fourteen Koonibba and Ceduna artists using the following skills: hand shaping, slab rolling techniques, object making, bisque firing, painting, glazing and firing to creating a 3m, 58 tile ceramic wheel comprising which will become an interactive learning tool for Ngura Yadurirn Children and Family Centre in Ceduna having been installed in 2018. The wheel includes a watering hold, bush tucker, native animals, flora and fauna. This project is generously supported by the Indigenous Languages and Arts Fund.

Artist participated in Exhibition:

Four artists participated in the Port Lincoln Art Prize at the Nautilus Arts Centre early this year 2018. Artist Verna Lawrie took out the ‘Merit award’ for her painting and the following artists entered Glenda Richards, Sherrie Jones, Natalie Austin with their distinctive paintings.

Multiply Ceduna, Koonibba, Yalata Artists exhibited in the Malka Art Prize at the Port Augusta Cultural Centre –Yarta Purtli. Male artists Ashley Pompey won first prize in the Malka Art Prize and his second time voted ‘People’s choice award’.

TARNANTHI- Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

A first for Arts Ceduna participating at TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, three-day art fair held at Tandanya in Adelaide in October 2017. Arts Ceduna kindly represented the following communities at the Art Fair (Yalata, Oak Valley, Scotdesco, Koonibba) marketing around 100 artists. Arts Ceduna totalled under $30k over the three days, marketing and displaying mixture of Linoprints, Artefacts (Punu) from Yalata & Oak Valley artists. Also displayed ‘weaving baskets’ by Sherrie Jones (Koonibba) the main attraction for overseas and interstate customers were defiantly paintings by well-known artists Elma, Verna Lawire, Josephine Lennon, Christine Tschuna, Natalie Austin, Collette, Janine Gray, Sherrie Jones, Lindy, Cassandra Gray (Koonibba), Roslyn Peters, Melissa Windlass, Cynthia Charra (Yalata), Cindy Watson, Glenda Hansen, Mandy, Vanessa Queama (Oak Valley) displaying their artworks. I would like to thank Maralinga Tjarutja Lands who supported Oak Valley Artists to be involved with the support of Terena Murphy Project Co-ordinator of Oak Valley Art Centre & Women’s Activities.

Pottery workshop with Jam-Factory (Adelaide)

Pottery workshop held at Arts Ceduna Pottery Shed by Jam-Factory Production Manager David kindly supported by Ku-Arts. Took place over two weeks starting 25th June to 6th July ensured enough time to develop and teach participants the following techniques pinch pots, slab building, coil building, slums moulds, using moulds, decorative techniques, relief work assistance by local potter Pam Diment. Multiply Aboriginal artists were involved, with the completed ceramics vase, plates, bowls, and tiles currently sold in the gallery and at Tarnanthi Art Fair in October 2018.

Marine Debris Project:

In 2016, twelve artists and volunteers created an impressive 4 x 4 meter blue swimmer crab titled ‘Guldamara’ made with marine debris materials. Our partnerships allowed successful International buyer in Genève, Switzerland where ‘Guldamara’ was sold in June 2017, and recently ‘Jidirah’ the whale has been on-sold joining each other in the same exhibitions. Thank you to our partners Natural Resources Alinytljara Wiluṟara, Ghost Nets, Country Arts SA.

Arts Ceduna would like to express gratitude and acknowledge to previous managers. Firstly, to Pam Diment’s contribution managing the art centre for over ten years. Local artists (potter) Pam Diment is an all-round talent in the Visual Arts Industry, she has developed, supported workshops including with the Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal artists in Ceduna and other communities including (Yalata, Oak Valley, Koonibba, Scotdesco).

Secondly to Dr Melanie Sarantou previous manager from 2016 to 2017, delivering extreme knowledge around, skills development training, high management knowledge, Grant writing to secure over 100k worth of funding whilst with Arts Ceduna, was vital to assist Arts Ceduna, financially get on track whilst promoting our Artists, staff, Australia wide and overseas. Lastly like to Thank Jayne Holland (previous Art and Culture Officer for Country Arts SA) with her support and contribution to Arts Ceduna over the years.

Serena Gunter / Art Centre Manager