Samantha Binnell was born in Whyalla, South Australia, in 1988. She started her arts practice at Arts Ceduna, the Aboriginal arts centre on the Westcoast of South Australia, in 2019. Her work is inspired by wild flowers and blooms from the Outback on land and Country, but it is her mother, Glenda Richards, from whom she learned how to paint from an early age. Samanta’s Gugada/Kokatha Elders and her Culture is an additional source of inspiration. She explains: ‘It is family and place that is important and at the moment I paint a lot of flowers’. Samantha uses intricate methods of dot painting and layering when creating her flowers. She uses the principle of negative space to shape her flowers through various styles of dot painting. From a single dot application, to more dense dotting, thereby texturising her surfaces, she then follows up with even more layers of dot making. Her paintings are meticulously constituted by several, up to five or six layers of mark making, thereby creating depth and dimension.