Shondelle Gray

Artist Shondelle Gray was born in 1984 and currently lives in the Koonibba Aboriginal Community located approximately 30 kilometers west of Ceduna. Shondelle has been a member of Arts Ceduna since 2015. She enjoys visiting and attending the Arts Ceduna artist studio where she works, and participates in different workshops, such as pottery and painting. Shondelle mainly works in acrylic on canvas, using art techniques such as dot and free-hand painting. She uses a variety of tools to skillfully create textures and a variety of mark making, such as skewers, brushes, sponges, and other objects. During her involvement with the center, Shondelle participated in a variety of artistic projects and workshops that involved mural painting, pottery, screen printing, and lino-printing. Shondelle's early interest in art began during school at both Ceduna Area School and the Koonibba School. She enjoyed being taught and mentored by her art teacher, as well as her Gugada/Kokatha family members, many of whom are engaged in painting at Arts Ceduna and from whom she learns, both Janine Gray her aunt and her cousin Collette Gray, who are both established artists. Colette is also a senior arts worker at the centre who encourages Shondelle with her artworks. Shondelle has recently accomplished being an entrant in the 2020 NAIDOC state-wide competition. Shondelle proudly created a political poster for No Black Sea’s exhibition at Ace Open in Adelaide. This exhibition was a part of the Tarnanthi art fair in 2019. Shondelle is continuously inspired by her Culture and knowledge from Elders and family members. She enjoys painting themes related to ‘sea, land, sky, my environment and bush tucker’, she says.


  • 2021, January Ceduna Arts Ceduna Art Gallery
  • 2020, January Ceduna Arts Ceduna Art Gallery
  • 2019, August Ace Open Gallery No Black Seas Exhibition Tarnanthi